description   I wrote this in late '97 after my first boyfriend broke up with me. I'm a stickler for rhyming, I guess.

wicked eyes

Wicked Eyes, take off your disguise
And show yourself to me.
At a glance, everyone thought it was romance,
But you disagreed.
Why do you hide all your pain deep inside?
Just let it out for me.
I wanted so much to feel your gentle touch
As I cried myself to sleep.
You never really cared for me, now I know, now I see.
And that hurts more than anything.
You've moved on to another one; I guess our relationship is done.
I'll cope somehow.
It doesn't matter anyway; the price you'll soon pay
For what you do to girls.
You make them need, and say for you they'd bleed,
Then you toss them aside.
Someday, you'll be hurt too, and everyone will laugh at you.
And I'll laugh the loudest of all.