July 15th - The winners are the sites with *'s next to their names. Your awards will come by email sometime in the next few days. Congratulations to everyone who won, and don't feel bad if you aren't one of those people. It was a really tough competition in most of the categories, and you can try again at the next Everything Hanson web awards!

Here are the sites that were nominated in each category. The winning site has a * next to its name.

best hanson site
Forever and A Day
The Hanson Hotel
Hanson's Secret Spot
3 Men From Milwaukee *
.blond haired imperfections.

best underrated hanson site
Play Hanson 2
free the wonga
this time around
megan's space of hitz
Hanson Mall
Hanson University
The Hanson Music Archive
Ike Tay Zac
bright and beautiful *
.runaway run.
I love Hanson!
HITAZ in Kokomo
We'll Always Love You
(-)anson (-)all
Take Me Away

friendliest webmaster -
Jody @ Generation Zac
Judy @ Hanson Fans Palace
Jeana @ Hansonized
Becka @ Hanson Hotel *
Lucy's Tears @ .blonde haired imperfections.
Brooke @ MOEland

best graphics -
Forever and a Day
Hanson...ITZ *
Artwork ala' Hanson
.runaway run.

best fanfic -
You Can Only Wait So Long *
Play Hanson 2

most dedicated -
Bright and Beautiful
The Hanson Hotel *

most informed -
The Hanson Hotel *
*Weird 'N Crazy*

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