november 30th, 2001

blah. today's just that kind of day.

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november 29th, 2001

see, i told you i was going to update more. :o) but most importantly, let's discuss the fact that i'm freakin' fan of the week at! emailing the webmaster does help after all. let's see a screenshot -

ahhh, sweet recognition!


november 28th, 2001

i'm baaaaack. i took an unannounced hiatus from the site, but never you worry, my little pretties. i am now unemployed (screw birkenstock), so i have a lot of time on my hands to fix things around here. actually, i'm trying my darndest to get hosted, but those holier-than-thou domain owners don't seem to think i'm graphically advanced enough. (well, i guess i'm not. . .props to mags for the layout! it's beautiful!) that's okay. maybe one day, i'll be employed again, and i'll be able to afford my own .net or whatever. i'm not bitter. just sleeeeeeepy! so, let's get to the updating. first and foremost, i put up the new layout (version who-the-heck-knows. . .i haven't kept track). it's important to note that i'm in a very transitional stage on eh right now. i'm trying to make all the pages gel w/ the new layout, and i'm also attempting to get some new content up. be patient. (who am i talking to??? it's not like anyone even visits my site anymore!) more to come. bank on it! :o)

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