visiting tulsa, oklahoma in the summer of '98

Happy Little Camper
Well, of course my family didn't plan on going to Tulsa, Oklahoma on vacation. I, however, felt differently. I knew I was going to get there somehow! We headed from our Louisiana home to Tyler, Texas to camp out. How fun. Anyway, I'd heard (incorrectly) that Tulsa was about 2 hours from Dallas, Texas and Dallas is only about an hour or so from where we were staying, so I convinced my dad that we had to go to T-Town! Little did we know that Tulsa was a good eight hours away from Tyler! My dad was so cool about it, though. He kept on driving because he (his words) "didn't want to see me cry for the rest of my life over not going to Hanson Land." How nice of him. . .

I thought it was bad enough that we had to drive so far, but things just had to get worse! Once we were in Sapulpa, Oklahoma (an hour away from Tulsa, I think) little pieces of ice started hitting out windshield. We thought it was neat because, ya know, being from South Louisiana, we've never experienced hail. Well, it was cute until golf balls started dropping down upon us! Radio stations were freaking out and predicting a tornado right in Tulsa. Of course, who did the family blame for the bad weather and the new dents in my mom's lovely car? Lil ole ME! That's okay because I knew things would work out. I mean, I was going to Tulsa, how could things be bad?

Green Country
What a nice nickname for Hanson Town! Anyhow, just as I'd predicted, the storm had past through, and as soon as we were in Tulsa, the sun was shining, and a nice breeze was in the air. I was literally in Heaven! My dad drove about a block from Hanson's house and then decided we should find a place to stay first. I was antsy, so we drove into the first place we could find. . .this cheapo place. Very nasty, but hey, I'd sleep anywhere to experience Tulsa! My parents and I left my brothers in the hotel room to watch some wrestling thing on TV, while we went in search of the Hanson home. (Well, it's MOE Headquarters now that they've moved.) We passed by streets, nearing their street. I was freaking out here! They live near a huge golf course, how interesting. We got to the street, found the house, and parked. My mom practically tossed me outta the car and told me to pose for a picture in front of their house! Sure, that was possible! I was SO nervous. Even though they were on tour when we were there, A BUNCH of vehicles were in the driveway. (the famous white van, a red sports car that I assume belongs to Ashley Greyson, their math tutor and personal photographer, a couple black cars, and a white one.) Their house is very pretty, but really small for a family as big as theirs. Well, I had bought a box of gourmet JellyBelly jellybeans for them when I learned we'd be going to Tulsa, and I attached a nice little letter to it with my address and such. With my parents' urging, I put this stuff on a boulder type thing on the edge of their property. My mom, at this time, was snapping away on the camera. The next day, we went back, and the jellybeans were gone. I have come to the conclusion that the person watching their house while they're on tour brought them inside. How sweet. Also, on this day, a white truck was parked in the driveway. I guess it was a gardener or something because there was a lawnmower in the back end. Also, I got a glimpse of the back yard. There was a tree house, a shed, a soccer goal, and a barbecue pit. How normal. That's so cool how money and fame hasn't changed them.

Penny Purchases
Just a little note: I went to Woodland Hills Mall and into a store called Sam Goody's Musicland to find bunches of Hanson stuff they just don't sell in Louisiana. I started out buying 4 stickers, 2 posters, and a pack of 8x10 photos, but *surprise surprise* the stickers and posters were only a penny a piece! I bought tons, and I had money left over for a new Hanson shirt! I bought 16 stickers, 4 posters, and a pack of 8x10 photos for under $4! Wow, Tulsa sure is an amazing place! I want to move there! I can see why Hanson has always said "Tulsa is home."