A Review of This Time Around
by Tessa

You Never Know
well what can i say? I LOVE the cow bell. In the words of Saturday Night Live, "I think it needs MORE cow bell!!!" It is such the perfect touch to make the song so different from the rest. And after the first verse or chorus...."What is the source of all this pain that you've been dishin'. could they be lies that maybe you've been fed?" OOh mama! Taylor sounds the sexiest I've ever heard him sound on a studio song...besides one I'll get to later on in the review...although i didn't warm up to this song until like the 30th time i played it on an mp3 back in february, i realized that this is just the perfect song to begin the album, cause people quickly realize that hanson is not the pop band they once used to be, but they are not "trying too hard" to distinguish themselves from the rest of the boy band clan. It leaves the listeners eager for more...

If Only
Not one of my favourite songs, but thanx to the hours of hype from TRL, i have learned to love it. I have to say, though, that the song wouldn't be much without John Popper's harmonica in there. And Steven Lironi's pitiful scratching sounds dumb it up. "Leave them alone, Steve! They're not gonna make another MMMBop for you, ok???" The chorus is pretty cool, but every time i hear it, it just sounds like the guys are straining their voices too much to hit the high marks. The harmonica solo toward the end totally kicks ass, so over all it's worth listening too. oh, and the part where they stop, you think the song's over....and "YEAH!" Pure genius!

This Time Around
Poor, poor hanson. Specifically Taylor. You can tell so much from their interviews that they were NOT happy with the outcome of the TTA video. Just listening to Taylor saying "The video isn't exactly about the song, it's more of a performance video," is enough to make someone *cringe.* The song, though, is incredible. I love how he starts in with the ballady piano, then they belch it out like there's no tomorrow in the chorus...then back to the ballady piano with a little bit more gueetar. The best part, by far..."Do you KNOW WHY I'D DIE???" Taylor reaches his peak of the song and video there, and from then on it's smooth sailing into the end. I am very impressed with the lyrics. At first glance, it's your typically dance song..."Thanx David Meyers!!!" *sarcasm* but if you really listen to them, and it helps if you've read All Quiet on the Western Front, you notice "it's getting colder in this ditch where I lie." "Canons are blazing, shower these moonlit skies.' You see that This Time Around goes a lot deeper than you originaly thought. Again, it goes perfectly with Erich Maria Remarque's theme of his book, citing specifically "I'm feeling older." That is a major part of the book, the whole "lost generation" feel. And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talkin about, get off your damn computer and go check out the book! But once again, I would've liked to see a video that had even a slight bit to do with the song!

Runaway Run
Stellar song. That's all i can say!! My favourite on the whole entire album. Fav line by far....same with everyone else's..."just one breath is a million sighs!" Ahh, what a stud. He sounds so compassionate there, so loving. Then is rips right back into the fast-paced chorus like...i dunno....brain's too tired to think of a cool metaphor, but it just really kicks. no words can explain it. This just perfectly defines what hanson is at the moment. i know that any hanson fan who has lasted the whole three years knows what i'm talkin about. god bless this song!

Save Me
I remember on a yahoo chat with hanson, everyone was wondering where taylor was since he wasn't answering any questions, and Isaac said he was in the studio finishing up some vocals for a song called "Save Me." From that moment on, i could not wait to hear it for the first time. Now, I have been listening to all the songs on the album via mp3s since february, but i have to admit i didn't actually like the song that much until june when i sat down and read all the lyrics very carefully. the part where taylor wails, "Listen please, baby don't walk out that door. I'm on my knee-hee-hees, you're all i'm livin' for." WOW! That just blew me away. And then "Suddenly the sky is falling, could it be it's too late for me?" Such sweet, genuine, wanna-give-me-a-heartache lyrics; I have loved it ever since. The song actually kinda annoyed me at first, but now i love how it gets really hard with drums and heavy guitar and all, and then slips into the gentle beat of ike's instrument.

Dying to be Alive
Not one of their better songs. I liked it A LOT at first, but i just don't really dig it anymore. Sure, the choir is a great touch, and I hope they come to the los angeles concert, but this song is just not one of my favourites. but i do like that "and we all (all) come (come) tumbling down. No matter how (how) strong (strong) we all return to the ground." that was pretty cool switch off with the choir. And the "na-na-na's" just don't do it for me either. Don't get me wrong, i love them sometimes like on "Sometimes" and "Lonely Again' but not this one.

Can't Stop
The radio DEFINITELY got my attention--good job boys. The chorus is a little too catchy for me. but the whole 'You take me to a place, where i can only see your face. i really lost my way this tiiiiyiiiiiiiyiiiiiyiiiime!" and the maraca/canasta things are in the background via zac, that is SUCH a cool part. I don't like their poor excuse for rap...stay away from that ike!!!! but everything else is dopeness. brava! and kudos for writing it a while ago..when you were younger!

I wish that I was There
Though i am not very partial to Zac's voice, i know, or *hope* that it will get better AFTER he's gone through puberty! I like taylor's "And you make me feel, won't you take me when you're not here, it's been raining here, and i just want you to be near." but only at the end when zac and ike are doing that "i wish that i was there" under his part....very very cool.

Love Song
Not one of their best, I just like the kinda gospel part with all three of them....i guess it's the bridge. It was pretty cool seeing it on Road to Albertane. I remember rewinding it over and over really loudly to hear what he was singin. didn't like it much then, and nothing had really changed, I gues i just like taylor more as a singer.

Sure About It
Love the "see the man with the cocaine load' part and the chorus. I am glad that they are stretching their lyrical capabilities, and not sticking within the critics' box. They were a little daring with this song, and thought I don't exactly feel like jivin' to bob marley after this song(you of those who have heard i know what i'm talking about), it's still a good touch to the song.

Hand In Hand
Another downer. I've had the album since day one and still haven't warmed up to this one. The whole like spanish guitar thing just really doesn't do it for me. Again, maybe it's just Ike's voice? I dunno.

In the City
Awesome Awesome song!!! This is the other one where taylor sounds incredible sexy!!! "well i see you walking out that door!!!" from the very beginning i'm hooked. tho i don't really like the harmonica playin along with the song, the hamonica solo itself is amazing!!! Go John Popper!! I'd like to hear taylor try that one in the concert!!! The whole "I'm gonna ask you once again, you gotta tell me once again do you love me?" Gawd, it totally threw me off when i was listening to it. I was like "Whoa!!! Taylor sounds like a man!!! This is awesome!!!" hehe. Very good touch, boys. And the song concept itself it very cool, i think "sex and the city" should use it as their theme song!!!

A Song to Sing
I remember when i first heard this, I couldn't speak. I was literally speechless (no pun intended). I had to drop everything i was doing and just squeeze the headphones really close to my ears and just absorb everything i was hearing. That is the first time a song has touched me like that. And to tell you the truth, i started crying! No song has ever made me cry in my life!! This is exactly the type of song I like hearing. So gentle, the piano carries them the whole way through. Their harmonies are superb on this piece, the best and most on target I have ever heard. I can go on and on about this incredible song, but I will simply let the music speak for itself.

So that's it. If you totally disagree with me, then i have done my job in writing an emotion-invoking piece!!! Have fun writing your own reviews; you'll be surprised by how much it brings you back to the music.