A Review of This Time Around
by Jessie

You Never Know - Okay, the first night I had the CD I put it into my 3-CD changer, and I kept skipping back and forth between the CDs cause I couldn't figure out which one was Hanson! I thought the beginning of this song was one of my oldies CDs! The beginning totally makes me think of that! All in all, I really love this song. Despite the fact that my sister thinks it is about a prostitute (Who's got your number/don't you ever wonder baby?), I would have to agree with Jes. I think everyone has got this same feeling the speaker uses in the song--why go through a bunch of different guys when you could have me?

If Only - THE HARMONICA IS AWESOME! How can you NOT smile when you listen to this song? It's pure hopeless romantic notions, and it makes me totally sappy. Not to mention the boys looks pretty darn good in the video.

This Time Around - This song is just amazing. It shows how much Hanson has grown in their lyric-writing since Middle of Nowhere. The sound is so amazing and unique. It's awesome to be able to sit around and talk with your friends about what the lyrics mean. They are deep. I am a writer, and I could NEVER come up with something like this.

Runaway Run - Aww. So cute. It has the kind of chorus that just stays in your head all day once you listen to it in the morning. Now, I still can't sing along with the lyrics cause they are so fast, but I like it like that.

Save Me - This song just fills me so many different emotions. When did Taylor learn how to manipulate his voice like this? I remember one night listening to Yearbook and thinking how cool it was that Taylor's voice could fluxuate and he could do so many things with it, but I could have never anticipated the beauty that is Save Me. It makes me drool. =) It makes me want to be in love.

Dying to be Alive - This song is so true. I am crying as I write this. A little over a month ago, my friend Stephanie, who has just turned 18, died in a car accident. Every time I listen to this song, I think about how she was dying to be alive. I don't understand how Hanson managed to write these lyrics unless they have experienced something similar. You can't wait around, and put things off until tomorrow. You have to live with chance, be yourself, take in everything around you.

Can't Stop - Hehe, okay, I am way back and forth on this song. One minute I hate it, and then I can't stop singing it! So I would have to agree with Jes on it being incredibly catchy. For some reason, I am infatuated with the rap in the middle. =)

Wish That I Was There - I'm glad they forfeited one song to Zac. The boy can sing! His voice is so old--reminiscing about him singing the cute little part on "Thinking of You" brings me to tears--lol. But really, this is the one song I thought the lyrics were pretty basic, more "Middle of Nowhere"-ish. But I like it!

Love Song - Poor Ike. How can anyone deny love to the sexiness of the voice that is Isaac's? I love, love, LOVE the lyrics to this song. They may seem kind of repetitive, like the chorus and everything, but it just makes you think "wow." My favorite part is "We said we'd be together/til death do us part/but we said those words/with only half our hearts." It really makes me think of divorce rates and people saying "I love you" without meaning it all. I was talking to my friend last night about how awful it would be to say that to someone and not really mean it--wouldn't the guilt be awful? Love should be reciprocated, or it's not love.

Sure About It - AHHH! I love this song. I can honestly say, hehe, until I read Jes's thing about it I didn't have a clue what it meant, but how can you resist lyrics that say "I'm definitely sure that I'm not sure about it!" Even if you don't get the song, that can relate to anything.

Hand in Hand - Yay! Hanson being MEAN. Isaac just sounds so bitter...like maybe he actually wrote this song for someone and he means it. He definitely manages to encompass the feeling of anyone who's been left by his/her man/woman for another man/woman but is still be played around with and led on (AHEM ME whoops did I say that). If it's never happened to you, you're fortunate cause it causes a lot of nasty bitterness. The only so-so part of this song is the "goodbye" part...that does get tiring.

In the City - Not my favorite song on the album, but you gotta love the way Hanson says "sit-tay!" It's like all of the songs on the album...okay, not all, but some, fit together into a story. First we have If Only. We will call the speaker "He" since in most songs, well, okay you get the picture. Okay so in If Only, He wants Her but He can't tell her. If "You Never Know" He tells Her, then they get together. Unfortunately, in "Save Me" She wants to leave, and He tells us all about it in "Love Song." He still wants her back, which is where "In the City" fits...I think. Then He finally spills the goodbye--sort of--in "Hand in Hand." Hehe, okay, I definitely just made that all up, but hey, it's late and it's kinda fun to think about.

A Song to Sing - This song is the perfect ending to the CD. You get to really hear their voices blend in an almost-clashing but still pleasant sound, if you understand what I am saying. The words are easy to identify with. All in all, a sweet song. The only thing that bothers me about it is that it is listed as #21, like Man from Milwaukee was, but unlike MfM, it is actually track 13. Grr. For some reason, that makes me angry!