Angela's Review of This Time Around
by Angela

kay honeys, this is my attempt at a meaningful review. when i got the cd i listened to it, of course, but since then it hasn't been on the top of my stack. and on that note, i didn't even get an original copy of tta(i know, i'm cheap, i get it from my dad;o), so i didn't have the lyrics, or the thank you's or the verse on the inside or anything. when i was reading the other reviews i learned a lot:o) so forgive if i get a lyric or something wrong. i try. so sorry if what i say makes anyone barf bcuz of my stupidity, but here goes...

first of all, let me go get my cd... ok, over all, this album is an accomplishment. ever since getting tta, and then looking over all the albums, i still and always will love mon the best. it's just so pure...but i won't go into that heehee. their voices, for one thing, have changed (wow, zac's finally got through breaking) and just the whole style of their music. it's more mainstream, i think. but then, when mon came out it was like a breath of fresh air to get away from all that depressing rock and sad little bobble-gum pop groups. now, it's sort of like they're striving to keep up that fresh approach. i do like the album, don't get me wrong, but i just think that on some of the songs they don't sound like hanson. they sound like they're trying to be someone else. on the other hand, every time i hear the album i am amazed how talented they are. no matter what anyone says, they are truly one of most accomplished bands their age! think about it, just listen to them. but i'll stop blabbing...

you never know -- well, this wasn't the best one to start off the cd. the first time i heard it i listened to a few seconds of it and then went on to "if only." i think the lyrics are good, but the whole woa woa thig just sorta didn't go down, and then going from there to the disco/rock/banging in the background...i dunno, i just...ugh. like everyone, i do like the pain dishing/lies fed/stream fishing/book read part, good words. it's so true that the outcome of a person depends on what they were fed and brought up with...but other than that, the song sorta...boring. sorry.

if only -- good song dude! i was like, dancing around in my room:o) my little brother even liked it. it's just a totally happy and light love song. i really like the style and i think the harmonica is a good touch. the words are really smooth and i know that everyone feels this way about someone at one point, or at lots of points, in my case :o) oh and tay looks v. good in the video. or maybe it was just cuz i hadn't seen his and ike's hair till then. ok, so i'm out of it, i know. oh, and the 'yeah' at the end is cute:o) makes me love tay all over again:o)

this time around -- if anyone wants to tell me what ike sings in this sond i would like to know. i'm too lazy to go and look up the lyrics, but maybe i should. this review would be tons better... oh well. this song is so good. i really connected. i love the piano all through, esp at the beginning, tay's playing always sounds so pure. i also really feel the bit where tay's like "i've started feeling like i don't want to fight, give in to the given, and put out the light." damn, can i relate to that! when you're just so tired of life... "cannons are blazing, shower these moonlit skies, then i remember and i know why he died, do you know why i'd die?" i think that he's talking about God too. it's just so honest. someone is obviously in a war, not knowing what he's fighting for. not wanting to fight any more, and then remembering what he believes in, and getting the energy to go on once again. everyone has values, and everyone must stand up for what they believe in, no matter what it takes, that's how the human spirit is. i think it's beautiful that hanson would write about something so deep, and meaningful. their song seems nice at the beginning, but then when you read the lyrics and understand what it's all about, it's even more beautiful. "all i know is that fear has got to go, this time around." ok, think i've written enuf abt that??? sorry, i'm crap at writing what i think about things that are meaningful to me. let's move on, shall we?

runaway run -- when i heard this, i was hooked. the words are so sweet, and the tune is, well, just catchy. i like how they made it go all smooth and everything, and i really, really like the way that the lyrics start so suddenly with "and i waited for you." i love that. also, like someone else said, love the walking/running theme. it's original. and it so cool, the walking into the mind thing, and then the blistered feet(also got fm someone elses review, thnx:o). nevermind, i'm crap at writing, remember. one thing i don't like, "we can talk just as long as you hold on tight." i mean, what is that meant to mean, i'll talk to you as long as you make love to me??? but then that great line "just one breath is a million sighs" makes up for it, heehee. but over all, the words are just so true, one thing i keep coming across in this album. how many times have we "waited for you, just dreamin that you'd come back to me" gurls? ugh, guys are such assholes, never there when you need them. then hanson comes along, being all perfect and making us want them so much... newayz. i really think the music is good on this one, esp the last half when you think the songs gonna end and then the drums go... i love the drums and the congas(?) on this, and i like the guitar too, skillful, but not showy, go ike!

save me -- oh my goodness. this song is by far my fave on the cd. ok, here's the scenario, i'm in the car, on my way to my cousins house, oh joy. i met them like, four years ago and they're all hot guys...with girlfriends. so i'm not too happy. in fact, i'm crying. pretty comfy, to tell the truth, i love long car rides, but my cd ended and i was crying and i didn't wanna be alive. i was just looking at the clouds. because clouds are, pretty much, my only inspiration. and if everything else was crap, they were always beautiful. so i stared at the clouds, trying to find the peace that they often offered. then, bored with everything else, i put in the hanson cd, a pretty much taboo thing to do with anyone in my family around, but it was my discman, so i was safe. i started listening. skipped disgustedly over "you never know" (i don't like that song.), bored with "if only", and angry with all the other positive songs, but this one caught my ear. i had never really listened to it, but the words were so...perfect. i didn't want to be just drifting, as i felt i had, i wanted, needed to be saved. "i never thought i'd be speaking these words, never thought i'd need to say, another day alone is more than i can take" i felt like i wasn't alone any more. i just got out some paper and wrote the chorus down, to God. "suddenly the sky is falling, could it be it's too late for me? if i never said i'm sorry, well i'm wrong, yes i'm wrong. then i hear my spirit calling" i've felt that way... every day. hanson always has been a way for me to tell what i'm feeling. i'm no writer, but they always seem to write it for me. it's lovely:o) and ooooooh, baby, that voice! melting... ahh, would i love to save him...sigh. ok, so there's my inspiration from this album, now that i've bored you, i'll go on for the few of you who might have stuck with me this far.

dying to be alive -- another awesome song. it's so...pure. sorta a cry for help in a world where life is getting to be lifeless. a person striving to make a difference, and dying to love life. "the people you touched, the way you touched them, i hope they touched you too, cuz in this life, it's hard to tell, what's false and what is true." isn't that true. it's so hard to just be another face in a faceless crowd. i've felt the need to make a difference, and i'm hoping that i am. the songs lyrics are amazing. they're so inspiring. they just make you want to live, and realize all over again that life is a gift. "the things you see, the way you see them, will never be seen again." a persons life is unique. on another note, the choir thing is a strange touch, i suppose it's cool. but then it's sort of a shock to go from v. strong with the choir and zac wailing away in the background, to the v. quiet ending. it's nice though. good song.

can't stop -- now this i did not like. sorry. there's not much to say. the lyrics are like, the guy is weak, he can't get this girl off his mind, but she treats him bad, and he doesn't leave. maybe that's not the right interperetation, but... the whole disc scratching/cowbell thing. i don't like it! it rubs me the wrong way, and then ike trying to rap... oh dear. he's got the best voice, but he can't rap. so he shouldn't try. and the can't stops get annoying. there's not much to be said about the lyrics. sort of monotonous. so yeh. not one of their best songs. too discoey. ugh. i'm changing the song.

wish that i was there -- now here's a good song. ZAC!!! i love him man, and you can barely hear him on the cd. i was so pissed, and then, not having the sleeve and not being able to catch any live performance, i only had my ear to tell me if this was really zac singing, and not taylor using some sort of voice mutilizer(another thing i learned from the other reviews. i love those:o) i love zac's voice, but then tay is always on the background here, waiting to take over the spotlight. sorry, don't mean to bash. i just really like the pts of the song when zac sings himself, without tay there supporting him. the end of the song is awesome, even though zac's voice is weird there. it's got this original quality. it's so cool how all three of them can sound so good together and then have such different voices. smiles. this song is just sweet. the words are so... sweet. it's like awwwww, i want a boyfriend!!!

love song -- this is the most beautiful, well, not the most(song to sing) but one of the best. if anyone bashes this song well... i just don't see how you can. it's gorgeous! and then so cute how isaac tells his own story with mary, or whatever was up with her. it's so pretty, and good, it can totally relate to anything, marrige, a friendship, or a romantic relationship. it's just sorta like, don't give up, hang on, love is still there, even if you can't see it. and then the "we said we'd be together till death do us part, but we said those words with only half our hearts." and "talking bout love, sometimes it seems, words come out our lips, we've forgot what they mean." it's so true. ppl sometimes use the words i love you w/out any meaning. they've forgotten what it means. and then ike's voice is so beautiful. it's so warm, and so sad...*sob* and the guitar and drums/percussion are really good. well, so is the piano, ok, all the guys do well on this song! crap. i've cried to this song.

sure about it -- this song's words took on a lot more meaning in the past hour, when i read those other reviews. i know, i'm so sad. i didn't know it was about drugs. oh well. now i know, it makes all the sense in the world and i can say that it's a good song. if you really wanna know about the lyrics and stuff, pls read someone elses review, my brain is too tired right now. they have some good stuff to say. the only thing i wanna say is the "sittin on the corner of nowhere road, just btwn i wish i could and i don't know" is really cool. i'm there constantly. and at the end they return to the middle of nowhere sound with an old "you know, oh yeah", that's cute. love the song. the tune is really catchy, and the lyrics... don't ask me, the concept of understanding them is too fresh, i haven't thought of it enuf. i like that thing with the guitar dalada, dalada, dalada, all the way through the chorus. it's cute.

hand in hand -- another one of my not so favorites. it's much better than in the city and the other one, can't stop, but it's got too much... i don't know. i like the words. and i do like the way the "at least you could" is so smooth. actually, i do like this song a lot. "trying to find a place in the sun, but i'm drowning in the rain every place i run" that's a good line. well, now. ike's expressing anger. that's a new step. he seems to actually be moving that's better than the message of can't stop. weak little boy can't let go of the bitch he's in love with. this is a good song. it's totally like, if you're gonna cheat then just go all the way and leave me, i'm moving on, even though i wonder what you see in him, and why you let us go. one thing, the say goodbyes give me a headache.

in the city -- oh, this song. not much to say about it, not one of the best. don't like it. i don't understand it, and so... yeah. nothing really spectacular. the do you love me, and then what's goin on in the city? just don't go. newayz. the part in the middle, where ike and tay sing the do you love mes. that's a good part. v. catchy, and the about five seconds after that and then the guitar by ike are all good parts. but then tay goes on about loving his 'little pretty'(barf) and the city buisness. it loses me then. it's over now, so i won't go on about it. if you ff it on the cd the next song is the best anyway. why not get to it sooner???

a song to sing -- oh, crap, i'm crying. i love this song so much. it's gorgeous... purely gorgeous. it reminds me of with you in your dreams on mon, but it's better. my favorite line is "all that i have found in reason is reason just to not believe, and when all that you are left is treason, it's treason just to let it be."(go ike) we all have our blue-yonder dreams and second hand shoes huh? this song is so... pure. and so true. i love it that they don't clutter it with production, but just let tay play his heart out on the piano. i love it. it's just about someone looking for an inspiration. a song to sing. oh, damn, if you're gonna like one song on the record, it's gotta be this one. hanson have this way of expressing so many things with just words and their gorgeous voices. i love them, and no matter how much they go out of style, they'll always be one of my v. fave bands. and i think that if i talk any more about this beautiful song i will ruin it, cuz my words are all... shit. so i'll stop here.

well, there's the cd. no matter how you like the beginning, by the end you'll be hooked. in a way i got bored with it after a while, but then after three months here i am ranting and raving like a little teeny :o) heehee. oh well. this album has some of everything. and everything of something: hanson. they'll always be themselves.