welcome to everything hanson. this is a new layout. yep. i might have the links go here if i decide i like it. i don't know if i do. i think i'm having trouble w/ the spacing of the table, but i'm not so sure. who knows? html hates me. i hate html. no, that's not true. i love html. it's a sort of unrequited love. o, html, html, wherefore art thou html? that means "o, html, html, why are you html?" not "o, html, html, where are you html?" yep, i know that because i'm down with the shakespeare. yeeeep.

this is a new index page i'm trying. i don't know if i like it just yet. let's see what else i can type to take up space. blah blah blah. yep. that's about all i can think of at the moment. if i like this layout, i'll add links and stuff right here. ugh, i really don't feel like changing the colors of everything. o well, i'll do what i have to. i don't particularly like the layout i have now, but frames are fun. i just like tables more. tables and i work well together; frames tend to hate me. yep.