description   Yes, this is flat-out teenybopper poetry. :o) This is from the summer of '97, right after I got MON. I was just so proud that I managed to get all the song titles in order while rhyming. *lol*

stuck in the middle of nowhere with hanson

I'll be Thinking of You every MMMBop of the day.
It's Weird how you make me Speechless; I have nothing to say.
I often ask of you, "Where's the Love?" as I page through my Yearbook with nothing else to do,
Except pass my time as I Look At You.
I wish I was Lucy, then you'd know my name.
Maybe you'd utter "I Will Come To You," and I'd say the same.
My time is never spent as A Minute Without You.
I wish I were Madeline, then I'd know what to do.
When we meet, you'll love me, and I'll be With You In Your Dreams and your heart.
Our love will last forever, with no end and no start.
To me, Guys From Oklahoma, you'll always be,
Never just the Man From Milwaukee!