Requesting Hanson is a very important part of being a Hanson fan. If we want to see Hanson enjoy the success we know they deserve, we have to let everyone know the fans are still here. If you go to The Hanson Hotel or Hansonline, you'll find some radio stations to contact. I'm currently working on my own list to add to this page. You should check out Hanson Fans Fight Back to find email addresses of other people to contact. Below, I've included some example letters to send. You can feel free to use any of these; just be sure to include your own information. :o)

Emailing a radio station

Dear [insert DJ name or station name here],
Hey! My name is [your name here], and I'm from [where you live here]. I'd be so happy if you could play Hanson's new single "If Only." It's such an awesome song, and all my friends love it, too. Hanson rocks!
-[your name]

This is a pretty good way of requesting Hanson. If a particular radio station hasn't been playing Hanson, do not be rude. You have to make sure that you don't insult the DJ or station, or else your request may be ignored. Make sure you include both the artist and the song title so that it's clear what you want to hear. Also, saying all your friends love the song makes the DJ think that there is a huge demand. If there's a demand, the song will be played. :o) However, Hanson's manager, Christopher Sabec, has said that it is somewhat counterproductive to email a radio station or request at a station that is out of your area. If you do decide to email a station, do it only once in a while, and make sure it is the station you regularly listen to. If you call a station, make sure it is a local one, and you can mention the things in the email above. ^^^

Emailing a major music magazine (i.e. Rolling Stone, Spin, etc.)

Dear [insert writer, magazine name, or editor's name here],
Hi, my name is [your name here], and I'm a [your age]-year old from [where you live]. I'm an avid reader of [the magazine's name here], but I can only think of one complaint. Hanson should be featured much more.
You might be laughing, and that's okay. Hopefully, you'll take Hanson seriously by the time you finish reading this email. Hanson is my favorite band, and I feel that their talent should be recognized. Their new CD, This Time Around, displays all genres of music - rock, pop, soul, funk, and gospel. I don't think many other artists can say the same. I only wish that more people would get past the long-haired MMMBoppin' brother aspect of Hanson so that they could enjoy the mind-blowing music.
I know that I'm not the only Hanson fan in the world. There is a huge following of devoted Hanson fans who want to see more of this band in your magazine. We're more than just teenybopping, fickle girls who shriek at the mere sight of the guys; we're different kinds of people who value Hanson's music. These three brothers are involved in every step of the music-making process, whether it's writing, producing, or performing. Unlike many over-exposed groups, Hanson is a band who is in the business to share their own ideas and talents. A band in the music industry for the music. . .what a novel idea.
-[your name]

If you're going to email magazines like Rolling Stone and Spin, you have to make sure that you sound like you know what you're talking about. Make sure that you throw in some facts about Hanson's music (see the second paragraph) and the fanbase (see the third paragraph). Also, it never hurts to compliment the magazine (like in the first paragraph). If you can manage to be witty with your words, that's always good. I can tell you that people would much rather read a funny letter than the same old boring "Please write about Hanson" type of thing. Magazines like these tend to mock teenyboppers and little girls who think that their favorite band member is "sooooooo cute!!!", so be sure that you talk about the music!

Emailing a friend/fellow music fan

Hey [friend's name here]! I just heard this really great CD, and I thought you would like to know about it. I've attached a clip [or included the web addy to some clips] of my favorite song on the CD. I hope that you'll listen to it and tell me what you think!
-[your name].

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote Hanson's new CD. However, as crazy as this may seem, not many people want to be associated with a band like Hanson. Maybe they're afraid of being 'uncool' or something, but the name scares them off. In order to avoid getting the "Hanson sucks!" reply when you tell people about how great This Time Around is, you should just include a clip of your favorite song, or maybe some lyrics. Then ask for the person's opinion. If they say that they really liked whatever it was you sent, tell them it was Hanson, and they should definitely get the new CD. Keep in mind, though, that some people are going to be cruel about Hanson whether they like the music or not.

Emailing SFX (the company who was rumored to have withdrawn from sponsoring Hanson's upcoming tour; some believe that was due to poor album sales)

Dear [choose a name from the link above],
Hi, my name is [your name here], and I'm a [your age]-year old from [where you live]. I recently read in The New York Times (May 25th, 2000 issue) that SFX was supposed to sponsor Hanson's upcoming promotional tour but backed out due to Hanson's poor album sales. I realize that this information isn't necessarily true, but I wanted to email you, anyway, so that you could hear a fan's point of view.
I anticipated Hanson's new CD, This Time Around, like a child anticipates Christmas Day. I was so happy when I read all these praising reviews of This Time Around, and I rushed to a music store to buy the CD as soon as I could. Then I discovered that not many people were ready to accept Hanson's return. As a dedicated fan of the band, I felt disappointed and frustrated. I'm sure your experience was somewhat similar. You heard all sorts of positive things from critics about Hanson's new CD, so you decided it would be a wise investment to finance their tour. Then, you realize that music fans are fickle at the moment and don't appreciate a band like Hanson. It doesn't mean we should doubt Hanson, though; instead, we should have faith that time will be the cure. In good time, music fans will realize Hanson's true talent.
I was eagerly planning to go to as many Hanson concerts as possible this summer, and I hope that I can still do that. All the Hanson fans I talk to were going to pack venues to see their favorite band do what they love best - perform. It would be great if SFX was a part of our summer plans.
-[your name here]

SFX has to know that a lot of people wanted to see Hanson in concert, and that the album sales didn't reflect a huge portion of the fan base. If you email them, you have to make sure they get that feeling. (see third paragraph)

more coming soon.
Do you have any ideas for form emails? Tell me about them. :o)
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