yay it's me and fun people. these pics are from early october 2001 when i visited my friends in louisiana. aren't you excited to see them? i know i am.

left to right - jessie, me, and chris
we were pretending it was really cold. brrr indeed.

left to right - chris, jessie, and me
i'm totally doing my isaac hanson impression. yeah, that's why my face looks that way.

yeah, this one is just pretty much just me

once again, me

left to right - me, jessie, and michelle
this is in michelle's car

left to right - michelle,chris, and me
this was also in michelle's car. i'm not sure why my head looks so odd. it's not normally shaped like that, i swear.

left to right - chris and me
we are so darn good looking.

left to right - me and jessie
i'm way too excited to be taking a picture.

left to right - michelle and me
yeah, i wanted my eyes to be closed in this pic. i promise.

left to right - jessie, me, and michelle
this is us at the movies. aren't we the greatest people you've ever seen? i thought so.

and just for good measure, here's my glamour shot from july 2001. i just like it b/c i seriously never look like this. it's about as far from what i look like as anything. i enjoy it just for that reason.