disclaimer:  these opinions are mine, so if you disagree, that's okay. this is just how i feel on certain subjects. if you want to know my feelings on an issue, email me, and i'll post it here.

My Opinions on Anti-Hansons, Hanson Fans, and the Whole 'War'

Believe me, I've met a ton of anti-Hanson people in these past two years of being a fan. I've also gotten to know several Hanson fans. I can't really limit any of them into categories because some people in the different groups are really quite similar.
I've noticed that a bunch of people make a huge deal of whether or not someone likes Hanson. . .in fact, some people base entire friendships on that. In my opinion, it's not right to judge someone by the music he/she listens to. Music is just a factor in a person's life; it shouldn't be someone's entire life. I know Hanson fans that are complete snobs, but I also know anti-Hansons that are so close-minded. Let's just look at it this way: in the end, we're all people. It's as simple as that. Music is a personal decision, and it shouldn't affect friendships. Also, liking one band doesn't define your entire taste in music. I talk to people online that think since I like Hanson, I automatically like nothing but 'pop' (as they call it. I don't think Hanson's 'pop'. They're really more rock.) music, but that's not true. I have such a wide range of musical tastes, but some people don't bother to find that out. All I'm saying is that it's stupid to let music cause this much fuss. We need to grow up and realize that if everyone liked the same things, we'd be a boring world. Instead, we need to embrace the fact that we're different. Dare to be different.

My Opinions on Hanson's Music

When I first heard 'MMMBop' over two years ago, I was blown away. I'd never heard anything like that before. I wasn't really into music that much because there wasn't anything that I could listen to and fall in love with. I think that's the best way to describe how I feel about Hanson's music; I fell in love with it. Before I ever saw Taylor's piercing blue eyes, before I ever heard Zac's contagious laugh, and before I ever noticed Isaac's compassion. . .I heard the music. I didn't care if the people making that music had turned out to be monkeys - I would still be a fan. In fact, after more than three years of being a Hanson fan, I continue to be impressed by the band's ability to be unique while expressing their talent. I honestly think that Middle of Nowhere is one of the best and most breakthrough albums of all time. I adore each and every song on that album (yes, even "Look at You."), and each time I listen to it, I find new reasons to be a Hanson fan.
No, Hanson doesn't talk about sex or drugs in their songs. I don't think they need to in order to be good musicians. Just think about MON for a minute. The entire album is about loss and holding on to what matters before losing it.
I think maybe I'm most impressed with Three Car Garage. I've never known young children to be able to articulate such emotional things so well, like Hanson did. When I was 10, I was playing with Barbie dolls and watching Saved by the Bell. Hanson was writing songs with lyrics like "And though the years may come and go/my love will only grow and grow."
Even though most of the songs on Snowed In were cover songs, I liked "At Christmas" most of all. That song is so gorgeous. . .
Live From Albertane introduced me to two new Hanson songs, "Ever Lonely" and "More than Anything," both of which blew me away. "Ever Lonely" is a true testiment to friendship, and I don't know many teenage guys that could say the things Hanson says in that song. Now, on to "More than Anything." I only wish that someday I will find a guy like Isaac Hanson to tell me things in the lyrics to "MTA." He manages to make any girl fall in love with his heart, soul, and essence without ending up cheesy. Anyone who says Hanson has meaningless songs should listen to "MTA," along with "Weird" and "With You in Your Dreams."