the Moffatts concert/meeting the Moffatts
August 19th, 1999 @ Lakeside Mall in New Orleans, LA

On the Road/In the Line
We (my mom, my brother Cody, and I) started driving from my house to Lakeside Mall at about 3 PM. The Teen People event was supposed to start at 6 PM, so we had plenty of time as long as we didn't get lost. We did pretty well getting there at about 4:30 PM. I managed to be about the 30th person in line. The girls in line talked about NSync and the BSB a lot. (many were definitely teenyboppers, full-on) Bob came out in red pants and a white T-shirt and started playing his drums and teasing the crowd. We all ran underneath the caution tape out to him, but the guards moved us back. I guess he thought it would be best to go back inside the van to avoid getting mobbed because he didn't come out again til the show started. :o) Then a DJ from 106.7 The End came and threw Moffatt CD singles and promo CDs into the crowd. I caught a promo! The Teen People staff was so nice, handing out water to everyone and talking to us. Eventually, 6 PM rolled around, and it was time to start the event. . .

The Concert
Everyone rushed into the parking lot, despite one of the Teen People ladies telling us not to. :o) I got there quickly and moved up to the front row. I met a few girls near me, and we started talking. The Teen People lady got on stage and informed the crowd that if we wanted free gift bags, we'd have to leave our spots in the audience and go all the way to the other end of the parking lot. Then, she said that we'd be entered in a drawing to meet the Moffatts if we left and tried something on in the Fashion Van. The girls I'd just met and I decided to stay where we were, using the logic that we probably wouldn't win the drawing anyway, and that front row would be just as good. :o) A bunch of people ran off, though, letting us move right in front of where Scott and Dave would be. We stood there for an hour and a half, eventually going by twos to get gift bags, until the concert began.
I liked the Moffatts before the concert, but now I have a new respect for them. They truly can rock live. They came out, Scott in a blue button down shirt (which he unbuttoned nicely) and tie (that came off), Dave in a shiny silver shirt, Clint in orange pants, an orange print shirt, and a white T-shirt (he took off the print shirt soon after they began playing), and Bob in nothing but a pair of black shorts. :o) Scott came out and said, "Hello New Orleeeeens! (that's how he pronounced it) Are you ready to go crazy?" Then they played "Crazy," of course. I don't know the order of the rest of the songs, but all in all they played "Crazy," along with "Until You Loved Me," "Misery," "Miss You Like Crazy," "Written All Over My Heart," "Girl of my Dreams," "Say'n I Love You," "Raining in my Mind," "Enter Sandman," "You Really Got Me/Wild Thing," "Shine," "Fly," and "Song 2." There were a ton of highlights for me. Here are some:

  • Right before they played "Girl of my Dreams," Clint said, "Wow, there are some really fly ladies here tonight!" Then Scott added, "Yeah, I don't think it's the weather makin' me sweat here. . .it's all these women!" Clint said, "After the show, I want all you hot girls to meet us for a trivia contest in the Junior's. . .uh. . .Department *searching for words*. . .in uh. . ." The Bob told him, "In Dillard's! The Junior's Department in Dillard's!" Clint forgot the place that was co-sponsoring the whole thing! :o) Then they all laughed and dedicated "Girl of my Dreams" to all the beautiful girls out there! (I swear, they looked at me. . .he he)
  • Dave has got such an incredible voice. I couldn't really tell from the CD, but he really has quite a range. He also smiles a ton. He looked over at me a few times and showed off that smile! He stepped out from the keyboards and in the front of the stage a few times and did some headbanging. Quite cute.
  • Just because the Moffatts play instruments doesn't mean they can't dance, too! :o) Scott did a bunch of wiggling and thrusting with his guitar. He stepped away from the mike and came right in front of me and mouthed words when Clint sang. It was also quite enjoyable when he acted out the "when I touch you, can you feel it" part of "Misery." :o)
  • Before they played "Song 2" by Blur, Clint said they needed some audience participation. He divided the crowd down the middle to have a side for Bob and himself and Scott and Dave. I was on the Scott and Dave side. Anyway, he said on the count of three, his side had to yell out "Woohoo!" as loudly as they could. (There's a part in the song where they say "Woohoo!") That side did it. . .but then Scott looked at us and made a thumbs-down sign. Dave said that we could do much better. Then Scott said, "1,2,3!" and we screamed out "Woohoo!" so incredibly loudly. Scott and Dave looked over at Clint and Bob, and we all knew who won! :o) Then we all screamed it together, and they played the song. I loved how Clint sang, "It's not my problem!" <--- awesome.
  • When it came time to play "Until You Loved Me," Clint said that it was the first US single, and that if we knew the words to sing along. Then he said, "And if you don't know the words. . ." Bob finished, "We'll see you after the show!" he he. Scott sang to me during parts of the song, and he was so cute. :o)
  • During "Say'n I Love You," Clint looked at me and sang me a bit. Wonderful. Front row rocks, man. :o)

    The Trivia Contest
    After the show finished, everyone ran into Dillard's to the Juniors Department for the trivia contest. (10 Moffatt questions; If you got one right, you got an autographed Teen People shirt.) I managed to get right in front of Scott again. They came out, changed. Scott had on a white T-shirt, a green cap, shorts (I think), and some Nike slippers. Bob had on a red hat, white T-shirt, and red pants. Clint had on a hat. . .and some clothes. Dave didn't have a hat, but he was fully clothed. :o) Anyway, the crowd was incredibly loud, and my ears were still ringing from the show, so I didn't hear the questions. I did keep my hand up, just in case, and I got called on. I had to ask them to repeat the question, and the Moffs laughed at me. *ha* They asked what Dave's favorite food was, and of course I had no clue. But it still got the Moffatts looking right at me. :o) Later, they asked what their dad and stepmom's names were. The Teen People lady picked from the back, and no one knew the answer. Someone even said, "Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt?" I looked at Scott and said, "Frank and Sheila!" He smiled and said, "Yep, that's right, but they're picking from waaaaay back there! *ha* Sorry!" in the sweetest way. Then, they got up to leave. As they were walking, I touched Scott's shoulder and Bob's fingertips. I even was the first to touch Scott's seat. Teenybopper? Forgive me, I was living in the moment!

    The Autograph Signing
    Right after the contest, everyone ran all the way to the other end of the mall to Wharehouse Music, where the autograph signing was. I would have been way in the back, but I met up with the girls I'd stood by at the concert, and they let me in front of them. I decided to get them to sign my promo. Sheila (I think) took it from me and passed it to Dave, who passed it to Clint, who passed it to Bob. They all smiled at me. . .but then Scott stopped and looked right up at me before he signed. He said, "Hey, how are you doing tonight?" and smiled that lovely huge smile of his. I answered, "Good, how bout you?" He said, "I'm good! Thanks for coming out!" and smiled again. Then he had to sign the promo because the line was backing up. So, I went out by the window of the store, and had a great view. Before they left, Scott stood up and looked at the window. I was the only one there, and I waved, mouthed 'bye,' and smiled. He did the same, and looked a bit before he followed his brothers. :o)

    On the Road Again
    I guess my adrenaline wore out once we rode back home. I mean, I'd been standing around in the 100 degree sun for about 6 hours, and I'd only had water and nothing to eat. I got dizzy and sick. I threw up out the car door. . .the happiest throwing up I've ever done. All for the Moffatts. :o)

    If you have a chance to see the Moffatts live - take it! They really do rock on stage, and they're born performers. And if you are lucky enough to be able to meet them, thank God. I'd heard stories that they were rude in person, but they were really 4 of the sweetest and funniest guys I've ever met. They truly did look like they were having as much fun as I was. :o)

    my autographed promo CD
    the band
    scott, clint, and bob
    scott and clint
    scott, clint, and dave 1
    scott, clint, and dave 2
    scott, clint, and dave 3
    scott dancing with his guitar
    scott and dave 1
    scott and dave 2
    scott and dave 3