greenbay concert on june 19th, 2000
meagan's review

well, it all started last week (around June 14)when our local radio station, 101 WIXX announced that Hanson would be coming to Greenbay. I live in nearby Appleton, just a half hour away, so this was definitely exciting to hear. Hanson would be doing a "mini, Unplugged-concert", at Bay Beach, and the first 101 people would get to a t-shirt, and get to meet Hanson and get an autograph.

So...My friend Sarah and I left our houses bright and early this morning (June 19) around 4:30am to drive to Greenbay. We pulled up and there were already a bunch of people. Everyone was sort of crowded at the edge of the street, so the Greenbay police finally decided to move us all across the street to the park. They told us not to run, so obviously everyone decided that they should run anyways. By the time we were in some sort of line again we couldn't tell if we made the first 101.

We waited around till around 7, when one of the stations DJ's showed up. Everyone started screaming, but Hanson wasn't there yet, because the interview was going to be taking place at the WIXX studio. By around 7:45am Hanson arrived at the studio, and we listed to the interview on the radios that some people had brought. The DJ and callers pretty much asked the regular questions. One lady called in and said that her 8 year old daughter loved Hanson, but couldn't go to see them because she broke her arm. The boys had her put the girl on the line to say hello. Taylor talked to her, and he was so so sweet. During the interview they played "If Only" which was excellent.

The interview lasted about 30-45 minutes.

Now we had to wait for Hanson to show up at the park. Some people thought they would be there by 10, but I pretty much figured it wouldn't be until 12, since that was when the concert would be starting. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Hanson said they would sign as many autographs as they could, so me and my friend were happy! So we waited and waited, and couldn't sit down, due to the huge puddle beneath me. It got pretty hot out, and one girl fainted due to heat exhaustion, and an ambulance came. I think she was fine after a while. Eventually the park workers began spraying the crowd with cold water, which felt good, and radio people were handing out free coke and sprite.

They organizers then tried to get everyone into a single file line. That just wasn't going to happen, since the line was about 8 feet wide. Everyone just ended up getting squished. The organizers didn't expect so many people, so they didn't know what to do.

By around 11:40am we saw the Hanson bus pull up. They went into the beach house through a back door, so we didn't see them, but we at least knew they were there. After some more waiting Hanson came out of the building to walk to the little hut to sign. So we saw them for a few seconds. Everyone was screaming so loud. There were people on the other side, so I don't know if they realized that we were all there too, but I guess they really couldn't help not coming over near us, because they walked right by. When Taylor heard everyone he sort of poked back around the corner and waved at us. He is definitely the most personable.

Now all we had to do was wait in line to get an autograph. After a half hour, and much squishing, I made it to the hut, with my friend a little behind me. I didn't know where in the hut they were, so I turned the corner and all of a sudden they were there! The first person I saw was Isaac, because there was a corner and he was furthest away. All I could do was turn to my friend and say "Sarah, Isaac is hot". He definitely is not photogenic, because he looked very different in person. He was so tan! He was wearing a pale green button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and khaki pants. He had sunglasses hanging on front of his shirt. He had a very cute smile. The first at the table was Taylor. There was a pile of 8 by 10 glossies, and he signed first. There were a ton of people, so sometimes he would sign like 3, and pass them on, and then look up, so I was very happy when I got there and he looked up right away after signing for me. He looked me right in the eyes and smiled shook my hand and said "It's nice to meet you", and I in turn said "It's nice to meet you". He was just so so nice, and I was put at ease right away. Taylor looked so so so HOT. Pictures do not do him justice, even though he looks hot in them. He was wearing a black button up shirt, 3 chokers, and tight jeans, and his hair looked amazing. He was also very tan. Next I got to Zac. He signed my picture and looked up right away with this huge, sincere grin, and he practically grabbed my hand to shake it, he was so friendly. He had the firmest shake, very awesome. He also looked right at me and said "Thanks for coming" and I said "Thank you". He looked so cute. He was very tan, and was wearing a dark blue zz top t-shirt, and burgundy parachooter pants, and his hair was looking great tied back. He was so outgoing and was laughing at some funny comments people were shouting. Last I got to Isaac. He also looked great. I already explained what he looked like. He was the guy who handed the picture back to the fan, so I don't think he did much handshaking, so I didn't shake with him. I keep going over it in my head and I can't remember if he said anything to me. He just looked up with a cute grin and handed me the photo, and I think he may have said "thanks" I know I said "Thank you". Overall they were the friendliest guys every, even though I didn't get into in depth conversation, you could kind of just tell.

I felt immediately at ease, and I didn't feel nervous. I took some pictures from the line, but I couldn't bring myself to just snap a picture in their faces, because to me it didn't seem appropriate. I will always remember their beautiful smiles when they looked up though. My friend was still a couple people behind me, so I backed up to where we had to go, and found a bench to stand on and take pictures while I waited. Once my friend joined me again we headed over to the lawn area where they would sing. There were already a ton of people there, who had skipped autographs to get great spots. People were kind of spread out though, so we found a pretty good, close spot. About a half hour later Hanson came onstage to a screaming crowd of thousands. I was snapping pictures like mad again. There were picnic tables and everyone ended up standing on them in front of me, so I ended up on one too. The guys looked great on stage, and they had such a great stage presence, you could just tell they love to perform. They started off by apologizing for not being able to sign more autographs for fans, which I though was so sweet. First they sang "Sure About It". Isaac had his guitar, Taylor his tambourine, zac his egg shaker. It sounded amazing. Next was "Wish that I was there". It was really cool to see Zac sing lead, and it sounded great. Then they sang "MmmBop" which was a cool surprise. Everyone was signing along, and It was awesome. Last they played "If Only". I had been looking so forward to hearing it live, and I wasn't disappointed! It sounded so good. Taylor was great on his harmonica. It was now time for them to leave. As they were heading offstage Taylor blew a kiss to the audience, and he looked to cute. It was an incredible performance even though it was very short.

My friend and I started heading out of the park, when all of a sudden we heard screaming, and we looked up and saw Taylor! He was standing on the back of a pick-up-truck beside their bus, and he was waving and touching peoples hands! Taylor definitely seemed to like the interaction the most, and he tried to touch as many hands as possible. When he got down we saw all three guys get on their bus, and wave to everyone. They were so great! That is the end of my story of the best day ever! It was incredible, and I would wait 7 hours in the heat without food all over again! I am so grateful to Hanson for coming! Meagan