Hanson at MuchMusic on May 20, 2000
Review by Kayla

Every summer my parents and my sister, Amanda and I,  go to Toronto or someplace for a trip.  But this year, my parents decided to take me and  Amanda to a concert and hanson was the obvious choice!  So we went on the internet to see if they were doing any concerts nearby to promote their new cd, This Time Around.  But they weren't going on tour yet.  I was  disapointed because they are my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE group in the whole world.  But then when my mom checked Muchmusic's website, it said they were going to be there for an interview and performance on, Saturday, May.20,2000. so we decided to go to Toronto the day before and stay overnight then go to Much to see them on Saturday. You could get inside but,  you had to get wristbands and we didn't so we decided to stand outside!
So on saturday,  we got up bright and early and went down to Muchmusic. (which was only a few blocks from our hotel!)
We arrived at about, 9:30 and the interview\performance started at 2:30. But we wanted to get there early, and were prepared to stand outside for 5 hours! It was really cold and we were freezing by the time it was over!!!!!
Anyway, when we got there, there was a small group of people standing outfront, so we stood there with them thinking, oh this isn't too bad!(Some people came from California!!!) Then this girl, standing in front of us(who had been there since 1:00 in the morning and came from, B.C. What I call a true, dedicated fan!) asked us if we just got here, we're said yes! She said that we weren't allowed to stand there and we had to go to the side. We didn't know what she meant, but then  this security gaurd came out and said anyone with wristbands had to choose three friends to go in with them. He said, that if you didn't know anyone and knew you weren't gonna get picked to go to the line-up on the side of the side of the building. Well, we went around to the line-up because we didn't know a soul!!!
When we got around side, I lost all hope of ever seeing Hanson!!!!!
There was a line-up alright; and it stretched halfway down the building. I was really mad! I thought I'd never see them!! But I was soooo wrong!!! So we waited there for 5 hours! They kept telling us we'd all get moved around to the front and they'd block of the street. Well, at about 2:15 or so, they started moving us around front in groups of about 10. So every once in a while the line would move and we'd all start running and screaming. But they'd tell us to not scream or run!
At this point Hanson was all ready there, (they arrived at 1:30.) so these girls were looking in the window and they said you could see Hanson. So I put my face up to the window and looked around and there in front of me, about 15 feet away, were three bodies. I started screaming! I was soooo excited!
After they had moved about 40 or 45 people to the front, they told the rest of the line-up (US) that there was no more room and that they could not block off the street. They said we could stand across the street and watch or we could stand on the sidewalk beside the crowd in front. We stood there. But we couldn't stand on the street. It was weird, they had this big group of people directly in front of the doors\windows of Much and there was barriers surrounding them. Then they had barriers along the edge of the sidewalk with a big space for pedestrians. Oh by the way, there was speakers so you could hear the interview. But it was hard because of the screaming!!!!!!!!
Anyway, after the interview started,  Rick (the host!) came out and brought out Hanson with them. I was crying and screaming and FLIPPING out, so I went behing the crowd and we were allowed to stand but only when Hanson came outside. So I standing there like 15 feet away from them, and I was screaming Taylor's name as loud as I possibly could. Then someone asked them a question and we were told to quiet down but, me and a few others were still screaming!
Before they went in, Rick told them to wave at the people in the back and I think Taylor saw me!!!! Then they went inside, to finish the interview.  We decided to go around to the side and look in the window. There were only a few people over there. So I was looking in at them and  through the commercials they came over about 5 feet from the window to get their hair and stuff touched up! So I was totally going insane!!! First, Zac came over then, Ike and Tay! When Taylor got his make-up done he turned to face the window and was looking right at me for a couple minutes. Our eyes met and I'm like bawling and he just stared and kind of smiled. He looked like an angel.  (no, they don't wear lipstick or anything. Just stuff to cover up pimples and stuff and to give their skin colour because the lights make you look pale!!!)
They are more amazing in person then in any picture!!!! They're as close as humans can get to perfect!!!!!
Anyhow, after that they finished the interview then came outside again and we ran around to see them and again i was screaming at Taylor.  But as they went inside i yelled, "I love you Taylor!"
That was it.
But then, I was told that they would be going out the back entrance so me and my family and a whole bunch of fans went to the back and waited for an hour but they didn't come so we left.
And that was the end of the best day in my life!!!!!! Seeing Hanson was all I had ever hoped for and wished for and it happened!!!
I will never forget it!!!!!!!!!!!
So, thank you for reading my review and never give up on Hanson. If you are a true fan you won't. They are soooo talented and amazing!!! I love them!
Kayla Roblin
Napanee, Ontario