description   This is another bitter break-up poem. I find it somewhat cheesy, but I guess that's the way I felt at the time.

i lost him

Don't say his name
The feelings I get aren't the same.
Yet, when the wind whispers in that sweet way,
I think about that memorable day.
He said yes to me
When no one thought he'd agree.
One month and two weeks, we stayed side-by-side.
We told each other everything because we had nothing to hide.
We grew closer by the days.
I fell in love in the most unthinkable ways.
His smile, those half-closed eyes,
I loved it when he said things that took me by surprise.
I even grew to love the little imperfections he had,
Like rambling on about silly things, and how he unintentionally got me so mad.
We became more in love than thought to be,
'Til the day that dreadful conversation was brought on by me.
From then on, nothing was right.
It seemed like everyday, we'd get into a stupid little fight.
I never quite expected our relationship to just end like this.
Now that it's over, I shouldn't expect us to talk, much less kiss.
I wanted it to work, but the truth is what I must admit:
Neither of us feel the same, our love is gone, and that is it.