A Transcript of Hanson's Interview w/ 104 KRBE in Houston
credit goes to WeGo4Socer@aol.com

On June 8th at 7:30 Hanson came to the 104 KRBE studios in Houston, TX, to do an interview with Sam Malone and the morning show. In the beginning Hanson was in the studio with Sam and Maria (where Ike did a little impression) and then they went down to studio C where they had mikes set up and 20-30 girls who were gonna ask questions. When they came in they were shaking hands.

(as they walk in)
Tay: that chair looks comfortable.
Zac: (english accent) Hello class have a nice day. We're going to be learning how not to be stupid.
Tay: Okay who did the little Moe Man outside? That's really cool.
Girl: That was my friends outside. Jennifer and Jessica wanted to make sure that you got the Moe Man.
Tay: Well, we got it. Jennifer and Jessica, that is very cool.

(Marie has them sit down. And starts to organize everything)
Tay: Yeah let her get organized.
Girl #1: I'm Kerri. First I want to say that I like your shoes Zac.
Zac: Thank you.
Girl #1: Have any of you all tried to pick up any new instruments?
Tay: Any new instruments? We all play piano.
Zac: Shaker - I learned out to play the shaker.
Tay: Zac plays beautifully.
Ike: Oh wow, Zac. Okay, actually, the fact that you didn't know how to play the shaker is really sad. (Tay laughs loud)
Tay: Actually, he had to work his way there. (Ike and Zac talking to people in the background)
Girl #2: I'm Amy.
Tay: Hi Amy.
Girl #2: I wanted to know if you know who the HHFU is?
Sam: Let'em answer.
Tay: It sounds like some strange organization. (muffled cries from the background)
Zac: We are from the HHFU! We are going to kill you! 'Cause we believe aliens will take over the world in 20 years!!
Ike: It must be - I am guessing that it is a Hanson. . .(softer) fan club.
Girl #2: Well, it's -
Sam: Let 'em answer! Let 'em answer!
Adam: They've bombarded us -
Tay: He wanted everyone to know how bombarded he's been.
Zac: Hanson House Of Fans in Europe!!!!! (Ike: UNITED!!)
Sam: Come on Zac! Come on! Okay tell them.
(everyone: HOUSTON HANSON FANS UNITED!!!!!!!!)
Tay: Ahhhhh very nice. You guys have practiced that, haven't you? Very nice.
Sam: So go ahead, ask your question. It was HHFU.
Girl #2: Yeah, we're the Houston Hanson Fans United, and we do charity work. We did a car wash, and it was raining. We gave the money to Rosie O'Donnell.
Tay: That's awesome.
Girl #2: We, we give the money to -
Zac: A car wash when it was raining?
Girl #2: Exactly. We donated the money to Rosie O'Donnell. And like other charities that you guys would recommend.
Ike: Cool.
Girl #2: And we think that it's great what you guys are doing.
Tay: That's awesome.
Ike: Cool.
Girl #2: And that you guys are awesome.
Zac: You should do, walk up to someone and say, "Hey, I just washed your car. . ." (laughing so he didn't finish)
Ike: Or, "It just rained. That was all me. I was doing this rain dance and it was rainin'. And I was like I'm washin' your car. Five bucks please, thank you."
Girl #3: Hi guys, I'm Julia. I know you all have this image of being the picture perfect family. Like you're family is so perfect and close -
Zac: (funny voice) Yes, we are.
Girl #3: - and everything is just great. Is it really like that? Do you all just get along so well? Jessica and Avery, Mack and Zoe are all just like best friends, 'cause thats what it seems like.
Tay: That's really funny. No. (laughter) I mean every -
Zac: NO!!!!
Ike: When you said it that way, it sounds really gross. We get along - We get along really well. But not to the point where we're all smiling and Oh YEAH!!
Tay: We've always actually said that it is more coincidence that we're - it is less about the brother thing. We could have easily been three guys who happen to be in a band together. And that the whole happy kind of all the the time thing is just that fact that we're friends.
Zac: (sings) Shiny happy people. . .
Tay: So everybody is - we're not always "Shiny happy people!" No, definitely not.
Ike: No, we're not.
Zac: (does another voice) Actually, sometimes we're very angry (mumbles something in his 'scary voice;' sounds like Satan)
Sam: Let me ask you this, 'cause we talked about it off the air real quick. There are people here that drove to your house; they make pilgrimages to Tulsa.
Tay: Yeah.
Sam: Pick the grass, play the guit. . .Who was it? So they pick the grass, play the tambourine, blah blah blah )Zac yells something in the background causing everyone to laugh. Sort of sounded like jerk) Have you ever seen them?
Ike: We, we. . .
Ike: No, uuuuumm. . .
Tay: See, we were talking about anger. We're not always happy.
Ike: We don't particularly recommend that people come to our house.
Tay: We don't particularly.
Zac: Why would you come to our house? It's our house.
Sam: (goes over to the crowd of girls) Where you the girl that went to Tulsa? What's your first name again?
Girl #4: Sabrina.
Sam: Was that you and your mom who went there and played the guitar?
Girl #4. No.
Sam: Oh, then it was some other nutbag.
Girl #4: Actually, I went to Tulsa to see Johnny Lang last January.
Tay: Oh, cool.
Girl #4: And because of that, I decided to go to Oral Roberts University, so because if I wouldn't have known about you all I wouldn't have gone to Tulsa. So, 'cause of you all I know what college I am going to.
Ike: Cool.
Girl #4: I just wanted to thank you for that.
Sam: Look at that, brought to you by the Tulsa visitors and convention bureau.
Zac: We have a visitors' center that you can visit.
Ike: (laughs)
Tay: That's very cool.
Sam: Maria, in the back of studio C here at KRBE.
Maria: We've got another question. What's your name?
Girl: #5: I'm Jackie.
Tay: Hey, Jackie. How's it going?
Zac: Hello.
Girl #5: I heard on y'alls next tour that you aren't coming to Houston. Is that true?
Tay: It sounds so bad when you say it like that. (Ike tries to cut in) Girl #5: Well, it is. I'll come see you wherever you are. But you know -
Tay: The plans for the tour are just being laid out, and we're not sure if we are going to be in Houston. But it's definitely not, "We're going everywhere else but Houston" at all. So hopefully we'll be in Houston. The plans are changing right now.
Ike: When you go on tour, you can't always hit everywhere so if we are not able to come to Houston, which we are not saying that we are not able to come to Houston. . .
Zac: We'll be close enough.
Tay: We'll definitely hoping that we'll be here.
Ike: Hope to be here.
Tay: We're planning on going to a lot of different places, so - we'll try to be here.
Sam: All right, hang on one second, stay where you are. It's 8:17 on KRBE and we have our helicopter with traffic.
Tay: You've got a helicopter.
Sam: Let me get to Vicki's traffic.
Zac: This it Bob N--(can't make out the last name)in the air. Ahhh we're looking the 409(ner) 56 and looks like we've got a giant crash. It looks like a scene from Mission Impossible or something. You know, two big semi's, side to side crashing. (makes exploding noises)

(listens to traffic)
Sam: We're gonna take a quick break, and do you all want to play next? Taylor?
Tay: Oh yeah, we'll play you guys a song.

(commercial break)

They decided to have someone from downstairs sent two more Hanson fans up into the studio.

Tay: Ah, now we're getting awwwwwww's.
Ike: Awww!
Zac: (to fans) Yeah, you guys don't have to wait outside.
Sam: It's 8:24 here at 104 KRBE. And we have Isaac, Taylor and Zac of Hanson here in the corner studio C. Isaac you've got the guitar, and you're ready. You got the microphone hooked up there?
Ike: Yeah, I gotta lower the microphone so you can hear that (goes into Elvis impression) guitar man!
Tay: (in his own little accent) I want to break down some country.
Ike: (Elvis) That's gui-tar baby. Uh-huh. Thank you, thank you very much. I'm all shook up, baby.
Sam: Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up live on 140 KRBE. Hanson, live on the show!

Count Off and they break into "If Only"

Sam: Hanson live on 104 KRBE. That was smokin, man!
All: Thank you.
Sam: Isaac, you poor guy, do you want the microphone back up?
Ike: No, that's okay. I'll just have to lean back over and get all hunched back. I have got the guitar posture anyway.
Sam: We're live on the air, and Maria does a feature called Hollywood Dirt. Would you sing another one after the Hollywood Dirt?
Ike: Yeah.
Zac: So, we'll just sit here.
Maria: Well, you can all join in if you know any of the people that I am talking about.
Zac: Okay.
Sam: But when talk about it you have to say 'alleged,' you what I am saying, there's the whole lawsuit thing.
Ike: Yeah. We have lots 'alleged,' if you know what I'm talking about.
Sam: Now we had extra seats in here, so I am assuming the crying young lady that just walked in is the newest addition. (everyone starts to awww again)
Tay: Draw attention to her.
Sam: What's your name?
Girl #6: Kassie.
Sam: Who came up here with you?
Girl #6: My mom.
Sam: Hi Kassie, come over here and sit. You cryin'?
Girl #6: (whispers) Yes.
Sam: Well, sit down; everything will be fine.
Tay: Hey Kassie, how's it going?
Zac: She just has a facial thing. You're body's make of lots of water, and it's all coming out.
Sam: What time did you get here this morning?
Girl #6: I got here about 5:30.
Tay: Well, thanks for coming.
Sam: Well, hang out. This is Hanson, by the way.
Ike: Hello.
Sam: In case you weren't sure. Maybe you thought it was the big guy behind you in the purple shirt. The vast Hanson there. Poor kid, she's all shaken up. Everyone hang out here. Let's get the Hollywood dirt, then another song by Hanson.
Maria: (does Hollywood Dirt - a story on Julia Roberts and Pretty Women Sequel, take about the movie Gone in 60 Seconds)
Maria: A movie that's opening tomorrow - Gone in 60 Seconds. Stars Richard, Nicholas -
Zac: Nicholas Cage.
Maria: Yeah, him. And Angelina Jolie. Anyone going to see that tomorrow? (nothing from the crowd) Okay, y'all are totally not interested in that movie.
Zac: I don't think that it's a girl movie; I think it's kind of a guy kind of thing.
Maria: So, girls can't like guy movies? (silence from Zac, just talking from crowd)
Sam: Hang on a second. Response?
Maria: Hello?
Sam: She's tough, be careful.
Maria: Is your mike still working?
Ike: He was just -
Sam: She's got blood on her teeth. She's a tough one. Everyone get back. Maria, what is your next story?
Maria: We'll just move past that since no one's interested. Pets.com. The pets.com puppet is for sale. You know that stupid little sock puppet?
Maria: Well, someone got mad 'cause I called him stupid. Well, the Pets.com sock puppet. . .Zac, you'll be able to purchase replicas of him on the website beginning this July, and you can buy the sock puppets as well as an entire line of merchandise featuring the sock puppet.
Tay: Wow (Ike laughing)
Maria: I don't know how much they are doing to retail for, I guess you'll just have to go to the website to find out. Also Blink 182 (cheering) are now without a drummer. Travis - (gasps and awww)
Tay: Oh. . .
Maria: Hey, woah. Travis broke his finger prior to the show they did in Ohio on Sunday. he has to sit out the remainder or the tour. Let me tell you what happened. According to MTV News, he was jumped by two guys as he was leaving a restaurant with his girlfriend. He started fighting, and he got his pinky broke. They had to take him to the hospital, put it in a cast, and he has to wear it for the next 4 weeks, which means that he misses the rest of the summer tour. I don't know if that means he is gonna stay with the tour anyway and not play or go back home and try to recover. But anyway, that is the latest with him. (does a story on Star Wars)
Sam: Thats a tough gig. Give it up for Maria. (cheers)
Ike: I was really impressed with the audience's response to the Travis thing. . .it was: (sounds like a valley girl) AH OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH HE'S LEAVING!!
Maria: Oh my gosh!
Ike: No, no he just broke his finger. It's the fact that at least he's not leaving the band. That would be the other alternative.
Zac: OH GOD!!!
Sam: We've got Hanson here in the studio, and Isaac you're holding the guitar. . .what if somebody pushed you? Has your manager or family told you "Whatever you do, just like run don't even throw a punch!"
Zac: Yeah, yeah don't throw a punch, throw a kick.
Ike: I just don't get into bar brawls.
Sam: Yeah, there you go.
Tay: You walk out of a fight and go "Yeah, I broke my pinky." But you could say "I got a black eye, man, or they broke my arm." But it's like my pinky. I broke my pinky.
Sam: The other guys are in body casts with IV bags, and you're like "That's right, there's 9 more, there's 9 more pal!" I know you guys got a busy schedule and next are off to Memphis, than Greenland or Iceland.
Tay: Greenland's next.
Ike: (laughs)
Sam: We've got Isaac, Taylor and Zac in here. You gonna play one more song?
Tay: One more song.
Zac: (singing) One more. . .
Sam: 8:34, live here on 104KRBE. Nice round of applause for Hanson

Isaac starts to play the guitar intro to "Wish That I Was There"

Tay: This is the one that you guys asked for.

Zac starts to sing Wish That I Was There

Sam: 104 KRBE. Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Man, that was smooth, baby. Whew, it was. . .was that pre-recorded? haha. . .
Ike: It is really fun to play live. We really enjoy it.
Sam: Do you all sing in the van on the way over or on the plane or something?
Zac: Yeah we sing. . .
Ike: Ahhhh, only if -
Zac: (singing) Goin' down the road, feelin bad. (Ike and Tay join in)
Tay: No one knows that song except us.
Ike: (singing w/ guitar) Goin' down the road, feeling bad.
Tay: They're like, what are you singing?
(Ike still singing) Tay: We don't sing in the car. If we do -
Zac: Ike shut up!!! (laughter)
Ike: (still singing and Tay joins in) Don't want to be treated this way. . .That's a classic Greatful Dead song. You gotta know that one.
Sam: That's cool how you just all start singing together.
Ike: You gotta know that Jerry Garica sang that song. Actually, we sang it with Bob Weir actually, early last year.
Sam: Are you actually going to perform in Memphis today?
Ike: Mmmm. . .we're actually. . .
Tay: I. . .
Ike: We're just doing a signing actually.
Sam: So those guys are getting ripped off.
Tay: It won't beat Houston. 'Cause we won't be performing there.
Sam: Yeah well, that makes up for not coming here on tour.
Tay: No one said that we weren't coming.
Ike: We never said that. Hopefully, we'll be coming to Houston for a full-out Hanson show. Lots of thrills, music, and lots of craziness man.
Zac: (accent) Man, it will be beauty-ful (said it like I spelled it)
Sam: We'll squeeze in one or two more questions.
Girl #7: Hi, I'm Jenna!
Tay: How you doin'?
Girl #6: This is a stupid question, but I love y'all's clothes like to death. They are like so cool.
Zac: Yeah man!
Ike: (laughs)
Girl #6: I do. They're like, dude. I love y'all's shoes. And in the "This Time Around" video, I love your shoes Taylor. They rock, dude.
Maria: Question, question, get to the question.
Taylor: (softly) Where do we get our clothes?
Zac: Where do you get your clothes?
Girl #6: Where do you all get your clothes? Thrift stores? Where do you get them?
Zac: First of all, these pants are supposed to look like this. Umm, a lot of the time, it's just thrift store stuff.
Ike: But it's random things. Anything from nice designer stuff -
Taylor: Yeah from really designy stuff to, yeah designy stuff, no designer stuff. Whatever. The most vintage stuff.
Sam: Let me ask you this. Is this suede? What are your pants?
Ike: Those suede pants. . .
Zac: Yeah, those are suede. Ummmhmmmm, yeahmmmm. . .
Maria: Next question.
Tay: It's just an old belt buckle.
Girl #7: Hi, I'm Jenny.
Ike: Hello, Jenny.
Zac: Hi, Jenny.
Girl #7: I was just wonder, what's the best advice is for singer trying to get into the business?
Zac: I was running. . .
Tay: We've got Jenna and Jenny. Ummmm, there's not an easy answer for that. The thing is we were turned down many, many, many, many times before anyone ever saw us.
Ike: More than a dozen times by record labels.
Tay: You've just got to get out there and try to meet people. You're in Houston. Go to South By Southwest. That's one place to start. You'll meet people. We met our manager by walking South By Southwest and asking if we could to sing to people.
Ike: But you also have to be smart about it. You have to read up on publishing, on records.
Tay: Get smart about the industry, and get out there and try to meet people. Perform, perform, perform.
Sam: Outstanding.
Tay: You just have to keep going.
Sam: You want to be a singer?
Girl #7: Yes, totally.
Sam: Well, go home, and keep practicing now. So that's the end of your question. We have to wrap it up.
Maria: Well, we have one more question.
Girl #8: Hi, Hanson, I'm Chelsea.
All: Hi, Chelsea.
Girl #8: I really love "In The City," and I was wondering what the inspiration was. Where you came up with it?
Zac: We were just pissed!
(Taylor tries to give a serious answer)
Ike: Actually, I think it was in both meanings. Pissed off, and pissed as in being drunk. (laughter) No, actually no, that wasn't it.
Tay: Actually, the answer to that question is not, there was this girl and she was -
Ike: She devastated our -
Zac: (another voice) I'M GONNA KILL HER NOW!!
Tay: It was actually. . .the reason was we started messing around with that song when we were all jamming and that lick (does the an impression of the opening guitar part, which Ike starts to play) Ike started to play it on a bass and I think we - just the song sounded like it should be about something like betrayal or something like that. So, we wrote the song based on the sound of it. The sound we had should go with it.
Sam: We've go to wrap it up. On behalf of the show, we'd like to thank Hanson!