description   Okay, this is one of the most personal poems I've ever written. I've had a lot of people tell me it's exactly how they feel, too, so I'm glad the feeling is universal.


By a smile
And a mask
Is her true identity,
Rarely shown
To the world
Because there's so much
Behind the disguise.
She takes the world in
And doesn't give an opinion,
Not because she doesn't care
But because she doesn't know how.
It's a wonder
That she still remembers
What real happiness is,
Even though she hasn't felt it in
So long.
Pass her by
As she rides a wave of silence
And cries inside.
No one really knows
Who this girl is
Or what she's trying to be,
And it's possible that no one
She wants for someone
To be there
And to understand
What she's going through.
Her soul is weak,
And it's so hard to allow
Herself to be loved.
Insecure, shy, and timid,
This girl prays
Every night
That her life will turn around
And everyone will realize
That underneath the thick layers
Of hate and confusion,
She really just needs a friend.
She craves a hug
In times of sorrow
And sympathy
In times of need.
She's searching for
A soulmate
In the cruel world
That's pushed her away.
A whole world of
Imagination and spirit
Lies behind
That mask,
And she just wishes
That she could no longer be