This is where I'm going to say hi to all my friends. I'll try to remember everyone, but I'm an absent-minded kind of person. :o) I love you even if you're not mentioned here.

Megan - Thanks for help w/ the frames. :o) msoh looks so great, btw.

Jessie B., Michelle, and Chris - If you ever come here. . .hey! :o) Thanks for being such good friends and for giving me a party. *lol* I'm going to miss you guys SO much next year.

Jessie S. - Thanks for always supporting everything hanson! You're so dedicated to PH2, and I'm really happy about that. I love your site!

Tiana - See, I didn't take you off my page! Thanks for always listening to me go on and on (and on!) about Hanson. I'm going to miss you lots next year, too.

All my other friends from Houma - I don't know who has the link to eh, so I'm just bunching you guys into one. I love you all, and I'm going to miss you a lot. Don't forget me, or I'll cry!

All my other Internet people - Thanks for listening to me complain and helping me out so much. :o)

Anyone else - I love you! (probably :o)