featured fan number seven

name Tessa
age 16
location Los Angeles/California/USA
why I like Hanson I have been a hanson fan since october of 97. I have to admit at first i didn't like them. i mean truly didn't like them. then i started liking them but wouldn't admit it because hey, i was the queen of rap at my school, and i couldn't let everyone down, right? but i am the type of person who does not fall into the pop music trap. it takes me a couple months to warm up to a new song, and then i never get bored of it, cause i know i have true respect for the song; it's not just some fickle, passing phase. i eventually admitted to my friend one night in october that i actually "didn't mind MMMBOP" and "when it comes on the radio, i don't turn it off right away." well, to my disbelief, she agreed with me! about a month later, i bought the album, to my older sister's horror (who still wishes it was a phase, but knows it's not), and i haven't stopped playing them since. it took a lot to admit to my friends that i liked this 'cheesy pop girl/boy band", but i knew i should not be embarrassed about the music i like. oddly enough, i became very unpopular after that. i think it was because i decided to be nice to everyone after i started liking hanson, and i stopped terrorizing my "dorky" classmates. soon, my "friend" dropped me and started teasing me! i realized how superficial popularity really is, and that it's not worth trying to be friends with people who would leave you at the drop of a hat simply because of the MUSIC i liked! so that has how hanson has helped me out in life. although they themselves didn't help me to become a better person, the fact that they came along when it was uncool for such music, and i responded to that, i realized who my true friends really are. I loved how hanson did not give in to the popular demands this time around...no pun intended, and it has helped me to take my own risks, climb out on a limb....that's where the fruit is after all, right? so that's about it for me. I am so proud of being a hanson fan now. people that used to tease me before now are admitting to me that "hey, if only isn't that bad!" it's such a good feeling to know that i discovered what an incredible band these boys made long before my "popular" friends.