featured fan number four

name Juliette
age 18 (woo, elderly!)
location Dallas, Texas
why I like Hanson I first liked Hanson because they were different from the music scene at the time. People were still into alternative and rap and hip hop were coming out and I was going to go insane from all the negative messages flying around. Then I heard these guys (and yes, I knew they were guys all along, before I was told they were guys) singing about what sounded like absolutely nothing. It was sort of like those old jazz/blues songs where half the song is "shoo bop a doobie doo wop doo wop yeah". Like Tom Waites or something. I got really excited that someone in the music biz finally insisted on being cheerful and silly and youthful and just fun. And even when I found out the lyrics, it amazed me that they could take a song about the possibility of being alone the rest of your life and make it a cheerful uplifting song. Then I saw the video, and Taylor just knocked my socks off. Zac was so cute, and I'll admit I didn't pay much attention to Ike, but I was into younger guys anyway. I was stuck, but as I heard more of their songs, saw them perform more on tv and learned more about them, I came to respect them for their perseverance, dedication, and true love for the music. It's easy for a 28-year-old who can carry a tune to decide he should give a shot at singing and become successful, but you really have to have been into music your whole life, and struggling to be a musician your whole life to become that famous at such a young age. Zac was around 4 or 5 when his brother got him singing with them, who but maybe Michael Jackson can say the same? Who else can say "I learned to play the drums in a week and I was 8 years old"? Hanson didn't decide they wanted to be famous, they decided they were GOING to be famous, and they pulled out all the stops in achieving that, and THAT is why they are my first and only favorite band (I had never had a single favorite band before Hanson).