featured fan number one

name Kate
age almost 16!
location PA
why I like Hanson Hanson is so completely different from any other group I have ever heard...their music is so uplifting and beautiful, and when I listen to it, I just become so uplifted...it seems like now, whenever you turn on MTV or the radio, all you hear is just plain garbage...sick garbage @ that...but Hanson is so different...and so much better...not to mention they have great bodies, faces, oh yeah, and minds too! Not only all that, but they aren't full of themselves like other groups are....they have kept in such great touch with their fans and families, and they are just great all over! Also, if it weren't for Hanson, I would have never met you...or other friendships that I have now established...overall they are a wonderful group, and I have liked them since the very first time I heard MMMbop, and I know I always will remain a true fan to them...thank you!