description   This poem was inspired by Dawson's Creek. I took the basic theme of the first season and elaborated on it. This one also heavily uses ellipses. he he.


I once knew a boy
From down the street.
He was my greatest friend. . .
The most special person I'd ever meet.

Day after day
I'd climb into his two-story window
We'd talk about everything. . .
Things no one else would know.

I tried to hide
The feelings burning inside me.
I didn't want to reveal how much I cared. . .
For fear that love between us could never be.

Soon enough, though
Everyone saw the secrets in my eyes.
It seemed like he did too. . .
But we continued to live in the lies.

He only saw me
As the girl who lived next door.
To him, I was still a friend. . .
But I desperately wished for more.

I tried everything
To prove I was a little girl no longer.
Things had to change between us. . .
Because I was slowly growing stronger.

On a strange night
My childhood friend asked where "the real me" was going.
He begged to go back to before. . .
When we were better off not knowing.

I tried to explain
That I'd always felt this way.
It was impossible he'd never noticed. . .
Never noticed til this day.

In his face I could see
That change was scary to my friend.
He didn't want to lose what we had. . .
Didn't want it to ever end.

Though after that night,
We attempted to put all these feelings in the past.
Nothing stayed the same. . .
A friendship like this could never last.

I moved away
In the fall.
We said our goodbyes wordlessly. . .
Neither of us could have said it all.

I started a new life,
Never finding a friend that could compare.
Someone like that comes only once. . .
And I'd left him back there.

For a few months
I tried to forget.
I pushed every thought of him away. . .
Pretending we'd never met.

Then, on one Friday night,
Some friends and I went on a long drive.
We ended up in my old town. . .
Somewhere I never expected to arrive.

They knew nothing
Of the boy I'd left behind.
So we continued our trip. . .
And the memories I tried to forget came to mind.

We pulled into a parking lot
Filled with images from my past.
Of course that old friend was there. . .
And of course we both remembered what we'd lost so fast.

I didn't acknowledge
That he had meant so much to me.
I wanted him to make the move this time. . .
I needed to know what he wanted me to be.

It didn't take long
For him to walk my way.
Soon, we were alone to talk. . .
And finally, we knew what to say.

I couldn't help but ask
Why he didn't try to see how I felt.
It was still a mystery. . .
He had to realize his eyes made me melt.

His answer was one secret
That he never before had shared.
He told me he was afraid to fall in love. . .
Just frightened that someone really cared.

My friend broke down
And said he was angry that everything had to be so complicated.
But it wasn't anyone's fault. . .
It was taking chances that he hated.

I cried with him
And held that confused boy tight.
Then I explained my love. . .
I had to convince him that he wasn't right.

I could never hurt him
Like he thought I would.
I could only protect him. . .
Like I always thought I should.

With a tear
Rolling down the face of my friend,
He stopped me and said something I'll never forget. . .
"Why'd it ever have to end?"