Hanson in Argentina - 2000
Chrissy's Review

On May 3rd I rented a room at the Sheraton hotel, where Hanson was going to be staying during their visit to Argentina. They were to arrive at night, but their family got there in the early afternoon. Around 4 pm I was sitting in the lobby when I saw Diana, Jessica, Avery, Zoe and Mackie come in. There was someone else with them. I don't know who she was, but she looked just like Diana would have at age 18 or so, which leads me to believe it was a cousin of theirs. I approached Diana and asked her if there was anything I could do to meet the boys. She told me she'd try to be on the lookout for me the next day try to to help me get into the Press Conference, but she also told me to to talk to Elizabeth (Argentina PR lady). See, there was a Press Conference going to be held the next day, and 150 contest winners would get to presence it. I hadn't won though, but still had hopes of getting in. Hanson was supposed to come at midnight, and at 12 I was sitting in the lobby waiting with a small group of fans I met. Due to complications at the airport, they ended up arriving at 3 or so. Meanwhile, we were sitting there nervously wondering wether we'd get to see them or not. The security people kept telling us they were going to come in through the underground carpark, so we wouldn't get to see them. It was very stressful. That was the coldest night of the year too, and there was a storm outside. There were also about 300 girls waiting outside for them.

Then the fans outside begun to scream. Hanson was waving from the window. They'd already arrived. Now what? I nearly lost hope of seeing them. It was 3 am, the boys were tired and they needed sleep.

The lobby, by this time, had become full of bodyguards and Hanson's crew. I spotted Ashley, Eva and Walker. My mom talked to Ashley and he told her Hanson would be coming downstairs to greet their fans who were waiting outside.

5 of the girls with us went outside, but I stayed in the lobby with a fan named Monica. We knew we had to be on our best behavior, stay calm and not scream. We sat down at the end of the lobby, near the doors leading outside. Then, there they were. They walked out of the elevator, down the lobby, and right past us, surrounded by bodyguards. Moni called out to Tay, he turned and waved. They went outside for a few secs then came back in and walked past us once again. This time Zac walked by closer to us, and we both extended our hands. He grabbed onto mind. His hand felt very nice and warm. They kept going and got into the elevator. Moni and I followed after and were stopped by a guard. Moni called out to Isaac and I guess he felt guilty cause he turned and approached us to sign our MON cds. Tay and Zac followed suit. So there I was standing next to my mum (who kept busy by talking to Zac and Ike, hehe) and Moni. I talked to Isaac and basically just mumbled thanks, I was in awe at their kindness...I mean, he had NO obligation to turn around...Isaac looked down at whatever he was signing the whole time, we didn't make eye contact :( Moni gave him a kiss on the cheek. I put my arm around him and felt the nice smooth leather...then a guard threw my hand off.

The marker I'd brought wasn't working well, so their sigs aren't that clear, especially Zacs. I gave the CD to him but he returned it saying he'd already signed it. He HAD, I just hadn't seen. That was all of my contact with Zac. Now Taylor. Taylor was standing directly infront of me. I've always really wanted to hug them...really bad. But somehow that day I'd decided it would be inapropriate. I knew this my once in a lifetime chance to touch him though, and wasn't planning to let it slip away! Before I knew it, I'd asked him if he could hold my hand. I remember thinking I couldn't just touch his hands because he was writing...yknow? Then he looked right at me...he looked me right in the eyes and smiled. All I can remember about that moment is his eyes. We were *surrounded* by people now...guards, other fans, some guy from Universal who was recording it all. Flashes going off. But all I saw was his eyes. He nodded and said yes or something. I didn't see him grab my hand, but he did. He grabbed my hand and I felt the warmth and softness. I remember wanting to freeze time. I don't know how long we held hands...it seemed like ages...it seemed like a semi second. But all of a sudden they were back in the elevator. And that was that.

The next day I saw them again at a press conference type event, that was pretty cool too, but not as intimate as the evening before.

Well I hope you enojyed reading my experience :) Pics and a more detailed review can be found at my website.